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Digital Policy 


Who can buy Gifts? 

  • User of our Services who is aged 18 (or age of majority in your jurisdiction) or older may purchase virtual gifts (“Gifts”) by purchasing our Gifts through our givegifts link. 

Purchasing Gifts

  • Gifts constitute a limited license to certain features of digital products and services. 

  • Published prices include taxes unless it is otherwise under applicable laws in your jurisdiction. If any Gifts are subject to sales tax in your jurisdiction and you have not paid the applicable sales tax to us, then you will be responsible for the payment of such sales tax and any related penalties or interest to the relevant tax authority.

  • You agree that we have the absolute right to manage, regulate, control, modify and/or eliminate such exchange rate as we see fit in our sole discretion, in any general or specific case, and that we will have no liability to you based on our exercise of such right.

  • If you wish to make changes to your purchase, please contact us at the email address set out below. Currently this not possible. Please note that changes may impact price as well as other aspects of the purchase.

  • Gifts cannot  be refunded or reimbursed by us for any reason. 

  • Gifts exchanged or received by any user do not constitute property and are not transferable: (a) upon death; (b) as part of a domestic relations matter; or (c) otherwise by operation of law. 

  • We may replace previously exchanged copies of Gifts, if we determine in our sole discretion that the Gifts exchanged or received by a user are corrupted or otherwise damaged. We will not charge additional fees for reissuing a corrupted or otherwise damaged Gift. If you receive a corrupted or otherwise damaged Gift, contact us at: 

  • We reserve the right to terminate or take other appropriate action against the account of any User that is deemed to be abusing the Program or this Digital Policy.

How you can use Gifts

  • In relation to a live stream product, you may use Gifts to rate or show your appreciation for an item of User Content that is uploaded or streamed by another user (“Content Provider”). 

  • When this functionality is available on the Services, you can contribute Gifts to User Content by clicking the “Give Gift” button below the relevant User Content.

  • When you have contributed a Gift to an item of User Content, this Gift will be sent to Simpli Made Organix

  • Please note that when you give a Gift to another user you do so publicly so other users of the Services (including the recipient of the Gift) can see your name, user ID and the details of the Gift that you gave. 

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